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Rehabilitative Services
Our staff at Brentwood understands that a team approach towards patient care is the best way to maximize our residents' quality of life. Together our Skilled Nursing Facility provides services including:
Dietary Services
Brentwood's Dietary Service Department strives to prepare attractive, well-balanced and varied meals in accordance with the special nutritional needs of our Residents.

The dietary staff is under the direction of a Consultant Dietitian and is managed on a daily basis by the Food Service Supervisor. Most special diets prescribed by the physician can be prepared by our dietary staff.

Upon admission the Food Service Supervisor will endeavor to determine food likes and dislikes of each Resident while at the same time formulating a delicious and nutritious dietary plan.

Any problems or questions with regard to diet should be directed to either the Charge Nurse or the Food Service Supervisor.

It is requested that foodstuffs not be brought to Residents on special diets. The Charge Nurse will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning a Resident's diet.

Laboratory Services
Brentwood does business with one Medical Laboratory. This is done to minimize time on the phone and maximize patient care. Only those tests ordered by the physician will be performed. The laboratory will bill Medicare or the responsible party, whichever is applicable.

Nursing Services
Within fourteen (14) days of admission, a written plan of care must be developed by the nursing staff for each Resident. The care plan is reviewed quarterly and updated at least annually or when there is a significant change in the condition of the Resident.

The muiti-disciplinary care plan is concerned with the Nursing, Dietary, Pharmacy, Social Service, and Activity needs of the Resident. In order to facilitate the completion of this care plan you may be requested to provide pertinent information to the facility. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to be an active participant in the care planning process and as such are invited to attend all care plan meetings.

Pharmaceutical Services
A primary pharmacy has been chosen by the facility in order to maximize the efficiency of our nursing staff in ordering and administering medications and treatments. The pharmacy will bill the responsible person monthly for all medications, toiletries, and incidentals.

The use of another pharmacy may result in additional charges for administrative, nursing, and other staff time. An alternate pharmacy must agree to provide the following services at no additional cost to the facility.

The pharmacy must agree to:
  1. Stock a wide assortment of medications associated with geriatric conditions and needs.
  2. Provide prompt delivery of medications and supplies on a 24 hour a day, seven day a week basis.
  3. Provide consultation and report all contraindications to the facility as required.
  4. Label all medications and supplies in a manner similar to that format utilized by the primary pharmacy.
  5. Provide all medications in containers or counters of like kind to those provided by the primary pharmacy.
It is suggested that you purchase the personal hygiene and cosmetic needs of the Resident and bring these items in on your visits. This will free the nursing staff of this responsibility, and we will simply order the medical needs of the Resident from the pharmacy.

Federal Law requires that the Consultant Pharmacist conduct a monthly review of the medication regimen of each Resident. The Consultant Pharmacist's findings concerning the Resident's medication orders will be communicated to the attending physician.

Physician Services
Federal Law requires that Residents of health care facilities be under the care of a licensed physician for the duration of their stay at the facility.

Federal Law also requires that all Residents receive a physical examination by a licensed physician within 48 hours of admission to the health care facility unless an examination was performed within 5 days prior to that patients admission. A physician must visit the Resident at least every 60 days.

Prior to admission, the Resident and family should determine if the present physician will follow the Resident to the facility, or should arrangements be made for another physician to care for the Resident during his/her stay at Brentwood. If your present physician will not be following you or your relative please feel free to ask the Director of Nursing Services for a list of physicians who currently care for Residents. It is the responsibility of the Resident or responsible party to make initial contact with the chosen physician prior to the admission of the Resident.

Radiological Services
The facility provides for Radiological services through contractual arrangement with one Independent Mobile Imaging Company. Radiological services are provided only as ordered by the attending physician. The Imaging company will bill Medicare or the responsible party, whichever is applicable.

Rehabilitative Services
Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Respiratory Therapy
Sometimes after a hospital stay, patients may need additional time to recover before they can return back home. Patients who have suffered unanticipated events such as strokes, fractures, or heart attacks - or even scheduled surgeries like hip or knee replacement, may be referred to a rehabilitation facility where they can receive therapy to help them get stronger and try to regain abilities they may have lost.

At Brentwood, physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy are available modalities of restorative and rehabilitative care when prescribed by the attending physician. For patients in need of physical therapy, a Registered Physical Therapist is available whenever the attending physician prescribes treatment, so that a consistent and continuous program can be instituted during the patients stay. Other rehabilitation services such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Respiratory Therapy are readily available Services with the written order of the Resident's physician.